A Breath of Fresh Air

You want your home to be properly sealed so that it is protected from the outdoor environment. As a result of this proper sealing, however, the air in your home can become stagnant and can contain unwanted moisture, dust, and other pollutants that can be damaging to your health. Laftech offers repair, maintenance, and installation of a number of superior quality air exchangers that will provide a continuous flow of fresh air, helping improve the air quality in your home.


Canada’s cold winters can leave the air in your home dry and potentially damaging to your health. At Laftech, we offer full and professional installation of top quality humidifiers, helping bring back necessary moisture into your home so that everyone can breathe a little better.

Get Your “Ducts” In Order!

A key component to an energy efficient and hygienic home is ensuring your ducts are properly cleaned and sealed. Ducts that are leaking or are filled with contaminants (pollen, dust, dirt, etc.) will not only contribute to unclean air in your home, but can also cause a strain on your heating and cooling system, resulting in potentially higher monthly utility bills. At Laftech, our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians can provide servicing, repair, cleaning, and new installation of household ductwork. Don’t let improperly sealed or dirty ducts get in your way, let Laftech help you get your “ducts” in order!